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Bell’s Oberon Release – TONIGHT!

Bells Oberon midnight release tonight at Bryant Lake Bowl. 9pm start. Tapping some limited release beers like Wild One, Smoked Stout, Harry Magils and a few others. Mr Larry Bell himself will be there! Do it!


  1. Andy s says:

    Only reason I would go to this is to show my displeasure with Bells and Larry himself… will pass on this and all events Bells puts on aong with there beers…Goodbye Bells its been fun

  2. Ben says:

    Friend did address the heavy handedness by Bells in the Northern Brewer issue with Larry last night. Larry commented that if Northern Brewer was to contact them about making a pro brewer kit of Two Hearted, he sees no reason they wouldn’t help out and lend the name for that.

    Even Larry’s name on the promotional stuff on the walls was trademarked. “Mr. Larry Bell™”

  3. Andy s says:

    That makes my displeasure even greater

  4. Jason says:

    I’m just displeased that Bell’s keeps doing these releases on Sunday nights, usually late.

  5. ryan says:

    Sleep is overrated! 🙂

    Of course I was sitting on the couch with a 15-month-old who didn’t want to sleep in her crib, but found my lap to be the perfect place to snooze.

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