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Vine Park licensed to brew!

Vine Park Good news! Dan  at Vine Park dropped us a note to let us know that on Tuesday, Vine Park received their license from the city of St. Paul to brew beer. They had already secured their state and federal license approvals and are now just waiting for label approval from the state.


  1. TruthBrew says:

    Just to be clear, this will allow them to sell growlers of their beer to the public like any brew pub. That will be a nice option for their customers who have to wait two weeks for their beer to be ready to bottle.

  2. mag says:

    I wish they’d get reestablished with a bar so that one could stop and a have a few. Still, it’s a step up in the world.

  3. Dan says:

    Sorry mag, but I don’t see a bar in our future. Lots of great bars out there so we can all rejoice in the choices.

    On the other hand, Vine Park is offering a lot of unique things to the beer drinker: chance to brew your own, beer travels around the world, and soon to be: the only growler only micro brewery.


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