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West Side in the house!

Ever have that feeling that something just isn’t right? Well I stopped in at the newly remodeled (well last August) Cherokee Tavern on Smith Ave just over the St. Paul border in W. St. Paul, expecting the dark, stuffy steak house I remember. Instead, what do I see? Bright windows, welcoming booths and 16 taps, not a bad one amongst them. And not only do they offer a great selection with several local or regional brews, but they are all under $6, even the Founders Breakfast Stout and Goose Island Matilda.

While they still don’t have a printed beer list and the wait-staff beer knowledge was limited (he described the Summit Scottish Ale as a red ale), the bar keep knew his stuff and was willing to talk shop. And they still have the signature steaks they were known for, as well as other quality, affordable fare.

I look forward to more from the Tavern!


  1. Very interesting! Cherokee Tavern is reasonably close to our house. Kat and I plan on visiting it tonight at around 5:30 PM.

  2. Kris says:

    Thanks for the info! We checked it out last night and quite enjoyed the taps.

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