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What does your choice of beer say about you?

Regardless of what I might think my choice of beer says about me or what your choice of beer says about you, this is serious stuff to the people whose job it is to figure out what I drink, why I drink it and how that might influence my choices about new products coming on the market. Of course the folks I’m talking about are the ones who are in charge of advertising.

Check out this article from Advertising Age. You’ll have to scroll down most of the way to get to the section on craft beer drinkers, although some of the findings about certain macro drinkers is at least mildly interesting.


  1. Mag says:

    I knew I liked Heineken for a reason.

  2. Chip Walton says:

    What a ridiculous theory of craft beer drinkers.

  3. Chip Walton says:

    I really just mean the “fewer of them” comment. Makes it sound like we don’t have much buying power.

  4. I suspect psychographics has value but I’m suspicious of neat little articles like the one in Advertising Age. I wonder what has been left out. Specifically, where are the negative personality traits. The article mostly paints everyone in positive terms.

    Regarding craft beer drinkers being “more open-minded than most people”, does this include open-mindedness toward those who drink non-craft beer? I’ve met more craft beer drinkers who are close-minded about the drinking choices of non-craft beer drinkers than I have met non-craft beer drinkers who are closed-minded about craft beer drinkers.

  5. Chip Walton says:

    I agree, Scott. Some beer geeks among us are hardcore haters .

    Peace, love, and more beer. It takes all kinds.

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