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Widmer Deadlift IIPA hits MN First…

Widmer’s latest offering, Deadlift Imperial IPA is coming to town soon. The cool thing is that the Twin Cities will be
tapping the first kegs in the country over the next week. The brand is not scheduled to rollout to the rest of the country until early February. The Widmer Brothers have developed a great appreciation for the craft beer culture here in the Twin Cities and worked with the gang at Capitol Beverage to have the beer available for The Festival of Hops at The Muddy Pig this week. Buster’s on 28th, Stub & Herbs and The Happy Gnome will also be tapping their kegs over the next week!


  1. Duke says:

    I like their regular IPA, which I havent been able to find in Mn, except in sample 12 packs. Id also like to try their w10, but havent seen that around here either. Will this be draught only?

  2. Eric says:

    I picked up a sample pack last weekend, and was impressed with all the offerings, esp. the IPA and Drop Top (I had had them before but it had been a while). The W10 is indeed around. Thomas for one has 6ers of it, and I had some on tap at Ginger Hop recently (altho be warned–they served it in an 11oz glass for $6. It had replaced ST Iniquity, and I think they thought it was the same type of beer. Both are Black IPAs, but one is 6% and the other 10%.)

  3. Duke says:

    Thomas eh…I didnt see it last time I was in but Ill stop by tonight on my way home. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. bockboy says:

    Last week the Old Chicago in Eden Prairie was pouring the W10. I was really impressed with it. Not sure how many kegs OC got, or if it’s still on, tho.

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