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Winterfest Teaser: Fitger’s Brewhouse Line-Up

Dave dropped us a line to share the line-up of beers Fitger’s Brewhouse is bringing to Winterfest:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Edmund Imperial Stout (Cherry Version)
This robust stout comes in about 11.5% alc. We brew a triple strength stout focusing on dark malt flavors then balance with assertive hopping. We ferment out and begin aging. After 4 months we rack the young stout into Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels. We let the beer sit around 8 months. We then split the batch into two parts. 1 part is served the other is racked onto Door County Cherries. This is what you are enjoying.

Undertow Pilsener
Our German style pils. 4.9% alc. All German malt and hallertauer and spalt hops. Lagered for 10 weeks after a 16 day fermentation. Clean malt notes with balanced hopping.

El Diablo
Belgian style strong golden ale. 9%. Pils malt and candi sugar. High fermentation temps lots of ester character from the yeast. A very approachable strong ale.

Starfire North Shore Style Pale
Duluth’s idea of what a Pale Ale should taste like. 6% alc. Pale malt and German Vienna malt. Cascade and Amarillo hops. Our number one flagship at the pub.

Blitzens Blueberry Porter

Chocolate Porter at 6.2% Aged on fresh Bayfield Blueberries. Very much a chocolate blueberry surprise.