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Wyeast Sale at Northern Brewer

Here’s a sweet deal from our friends in St. Paul at Northern Brewer:

Due to an ordering mistake, we have all our refrigerators stuffed
to the brim with lots of pure, fresh Wyeast XL Activator Packs. And
guess what? We’re getting thousands more next week, too! Please help
us make room by stocking up on Wyeast this week. To encourage
you to do just that, we’re slashing the price from $5.75 per pack to an
outrageously low price of $4.65 per pack. We reserve the right to cancel
or modifiy this offer at any time, so check our web site for the latest
prices and offerings!
Beer Yeast

By the way, we still have plenty of the famous Rogue Pacman Ale Yeast,
and it, too, is on sale for just $4.65 a pack!!