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1 million cases of Schell’s on the wall…

On Wednesday, August Schell Brewing Company will roll out their millionth case of beer the old fashioned way, via horses and a beer wagon.

Also of note is that the company plans to have a series of special German-style beers leading up to the 150th anniversary, available only in kegs.

More from The Journal in New Ulm, MN


  1. Trav says:

    The millionth case will be Schmaltz Alt too….cant wait for that to hit stores!

  2. docsvenaor says:

    Send me a case of that alt. Good stuff.

  3. fantome says:

    Hopefully the kegged stuff comes to Minneapolis!

  4. David Berg says:

    “Also of note is that the company plans to have a series of special German-style beers leading up to the 150th anniversary, available only in kegs.”

    What’s kind of humorous is although I sent Ryan the link, I had only quickly glanced at the article. I didn’t realize the big boss (ie, Ted) had told anybody about our secret project until I saw what Ryan wrote.

    Here’s a little more info:

    About a month ago I was cleaning out my office and found an old book from Rahr Malting’s 100th anniversary (circa 1940). It was an interesting history of the company, but even more interesting to me was the recipes in the back of the book of regional German beers. I made some copies of the recipes, thinking of future Snowstorm releases. A couple of days later, Ted’s oldest son Jace approached me with doing some draft only releases leading up to the 150th anniversary. This coupled with what I found led to our plan to produce some traditional German beers I’d never even heard of . I did some more research, and fleshed out some recipes for Einbecker 1878, Kulmbach 1860, Erlanger 18**, among others.

    The first one we brewed a couple of weeks ago is the Einbecker 1878. It’s on the doppelbock range of gravities (we knocked out at 18 Plato), but with a lot more hops than what we see today (35 IBUs). It’s a beautiful deep garnet color.

    Einbecker is now quietly lagering away, and the plan is to release it on August Schell’s birthday–February 15. We only produced 80 barrels, and none will make it into bottles. Maybe I’ll sneak some to Winterfest.

    So now you know the little secret. Bug your local watering hole to carry this beer on tap.

  5. David Berg says:

    Oh, one last thing, that was the millionth case this year. The article made it seem like it was the millionth case of all time…

  6. skypilot says:

    Congrats Dave and Schell’s!!!

    A true Minnesota Beer !!!

    Einbecker sounds delicious!

  7. al says:

    So, this is the first year they’ve packaged a million cases?
    Very cool!

    I’d like to tap some of this goodness.
    I don’t suppose JJTaylor will do heavy promotion, or will I have to hunt it down myself?

  8. David Berg says:

    “So, this is the first year they’ve packaged a million cases?”

    Yeah, this is the first.

    “will I have to hunt it down myself?”

    I’m kind of unclear on how the whole thing is going to work myself. I’m just a lowly brewer, after all… but I definitely will tell someone at work that you expressed interest. If you don’t hear anything in the next couple of weeks, give a shout.

  9. Chris L. says:

    That Einbecker sounds good. Too bad there will be no bottles. It’s got to be great to find those old “tomes” around the brewery.

  10. Scott says:

    I’ve been sitting on a keg for over a month or so now. I’ll make sure to get it back to you so you can fill it up again :o)

  11. al says:

    I happen to have Patrick “Chopper” Lynch’s card here in my wallet. I should probably contact him.

  12. mag says:

    Wow! A million cases this year? Congrats. That makes my percentage contribution to the purchasing of Schell’s pitifully small. I’d have to become a raging drunk to even move the dial. I’m lookin’ forward to tracking down the Einbecker.

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