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10 Surly Notes

Hello Surly Nation,

A few quick notes about what’s up.
#1 – January 16th @ The Happy Gnome – debut of Surly Mild, our sessionable
Mild Ale.
#2 – January 23rd @ Acadia Café – debut of two, our 2nd anniversary ale.
Remember Acadia Café has moved to Riverside and Cedar in Minneapolis
#3 – January 30th @ Common Roots Café – coffee bender
#4 – We have a photo competition running; winner receives a Surly Prize Pack
that includes a bottle of Darkness and a Surly Jacket! Send us your Surly
pictures. We will announce the winner at the debut of Surly Mild.
#5 – We donated 6 bottles of Darkness to EnergyCents, a local charity that
helps keep the power on; over $1400 was raised by auctioning off the bottles
on Ebay!
#6 – No tours until Spring. We are cutting out 3000 square feet of the
brewery so we can add more tanks.
#7 – Beer prices are going up. Sorry everybody, but barley and hops have
both increased over 50% since we started 2 years ago.
#8 – The Surly Second Anniversary dinner is approaching soon, check the
web-site for details because it will sell out fast. The date is February
11th, I’m not saying where, tickets are not yet for sale.
#9 – Rumors are floating around about a new canned seasonal… more on that
soon. (No, it is not Darkness)
#10 – We will have some two bottled up in 750s for sale at the brewery. No
date on that yet.

See you drinking,


  1. Trav says:

    The new canned seasonal is mentioned in my youtube video from D day as well…..B.B!

  2. mag says:

    I’m curious about the Surly Mild. Words like tame, mild, boring, etc. don’t seem to apply to Surly beers. Looking forward to the debut. I’m a big fan of session beers…or maybe I’m just a fan of sitting around drinking all day…whatever…

  3. Pat says:

    what time at the gnome tommorrow?

  4. surlybrewer says:

    El Jefe says 7ish on Wed.@ the Gnome


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