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1st Annual Winter Pub Pedal

It’s a festival of biking and beer (or soda). Join us as we visit 6 of the premier Minneapolis beer spots on bicycle. Heart of winter? Nah!Non drinkers are welcome and this is a nominally family-friendly event. If you don’t mind your kid spending some time—on a Sunday afternoon—in a place that happens to serve beer. And tater-tots. All are welcome!

Download map here:

The ride starts at the Bulldog NE at noon on Sunday, January 25th, 401 E. Hennepin, Minneapolis


  1. Peter says:

    This sounds like a ton o’ fun.

    Any takers?

    My taste buds says “yes”, but my fractured wrist says “no”…

  2. chad says:

    I watched the last leg of this crawl outside of Mackenzie when I worked downtown two winters ago. Funny to watch guys tip over into snowbanks, but something tells me that it would take a long time to get home in that state.

  3. al says:

    you saw the 1st Annual Winter Pub Pedal two years ago?
    Can I borrow that time machine, just wanna go quick assasinate Hitler and trip up John Wilkes Boothe…

  4. Chad says:

    Hrm. Well, it obviously wasn’t this pub-crawl-on-bikes then. But it was winter. And there were drunken bikers. I remember that clearly!

  5. Ben says:

    The Pedal Pub isn’t a bike.

  6. al says:

    You’re confusing Winter Pedal Pub Crawl with the Pedal Pub.
    Easy to do I suppose.

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