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3 Course Farmer’s Market Tasting with Beer Pairing

Looking to enjoy some delicious Minnesota food and beer (or wine) this weekend?! If so head on over to Ngon Bistro for a 3 Course Farmer’s Market Tasting with Beer Pairing. This menu will be served Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the dinner hours.

3 Course Farmer’s Market Tasting with Beer Pairing

Went to the Dale & University farmer’s market and went a little a little crazy. I think I got about 200lbs of produce on my Surly big dummy bike. If you haven’t been there, they are in the parking lot of Sun Foods. They offer allot of herbs & vegetables that you would not normally find at other farmer’s markets. This weekend we are going to offer a 3 course tasting using ingredients from that market with a MN beer or MN wine pairing.

First Course: Asian cucumber & pear tomatoes with rau rum vinaigrette

Second Course: Minnesota Pheasant Confit with pea shoots, Thai basil, & egg noodles with a pho spiced duck broth

Third Course: Wild Rice Crusted Red Lake Walleye with roasted beets and a sweet corn & rhubarb chutney

Dinner only

The Beer Pairings are as follows:

  • First course: Summit Scandia
  • Second course: Lift Bridge Crosscut
  • Third course: Lift Bridge Farm Girl

And for you wine drinkers:

  • First course: St Croix La Crescent
  • Second course: Winehaven Syrah
  • Third course: Alexis Bailly Seyval Blanc

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