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PedalPub is an upcoming local venture that looks like a lot of fun.

In August, we sent you an email requesting your help to name our new business – a bar on wheels that holds 17 people from the Netherlands. In addition to the choices we sent out – there were MANY very creative alternate names that you all came up with – some we could even print! ;-D But one name emerged as the most popular amongst all the rest. Eric and I are please to announce that the name of our new vehicle is:



Thanks to all of you who participated and help name our new business! We have incorporated with the State of Minnesota as “PedalPub, LLC” and we are planning on having the PedalPub here by March 1st of 2007.

We are starting this “Friends of the PedalPub” to keep you informed of our progress – and in an attempt to continue to tap your amazing creativity and talent. We will probably send out an email about once every two weeks or so. If you want to be REMOVED from the list, just drop us a note and we’ll take you off. If you know anyone else who would like to get on our list, have them send an email to:


Oh, did we tell you? We have a WEBSITE also –! Right now, it’s just a picture of Eric
sitting on the Fietscafe (basically Dutch for PedalPub) when we
visited there in July. But it will be changing right before your eyes into a snappy, snazzy wonder!

We want to have 4-6 round-trip routes around Minneapolis of 2 hour, 4 hour, or 8 hour durations. The route has to be very flat (the PedalPub doesn’t like hills), it has to have a starting spot with a parking lot for the towing vehicle and trailer, and it has to be scenic, with stops along the way for freshening up (and
RE-freshment-ing up! ;-D) If you know just such a place, email us at INFO@PEDALPUB.COM!


Al Boyce & Eric Olson
PedalPub, LLC proprietors


  1. lee J says:

    sorry, but that looks stupid. maybe it was the photo of the man on the bicycle, who looks like he has not sat on a bicycle since childhood.
    also, i am uncertain as to the local legal codes, but how many laws does this activity break?

  2. ryan says:

    Oh Lee, the next thing you’ll tell me is that my camel pack filled with IPA is counter-productive…

    From what I understand, they’ll need an exemption, so that they can operate in the same fashion as a limousine. Serving their own beer/drinks is probably out of the question, but one should be able to bring their own refreshments. I guess they’re going to concentrate on Minneapolis first and branch out from there.

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