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A Discussion with Kristen England (homebrewer/Pour Decisions Brewing Co.)

Northern Brewer hosts a discussion with award-winning homebrewer and soon-to-be professional brewer Kristen England. Brewing TV’s Jake Keeler moderates the Q&A in which England talks about his time spent building recipes for Northern Brewer, the origin of Patersbier, considerations to make between extract and all-grain, fine-tuning your palate and your homebrew, going pro, and we get a look at what beers Pour Decisions Brewing Company will be hitting the market with in the first half of 2012. (Shot December 4, 2011 at Northern Brewer Minneapolis)

Look for more special guests and pro brewers to appear at Northern Brewer Minneapolis, most of which will be recorded and posted on Northern Brewer’s “Connect” page and YouTube channel including one from Surly’s Jerrod Johnson in the next week or so.

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