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A Fistfull of Huh?

I don’t usually post ads, but Clint Eastwood jumped me, stole my Chevelle and demanded that I post that and stop  wondering what’s was in the bun…


  1. hedge says:

    This is the best ad campaign I’ve ever seen. It’s making me try to figure out how to wrangle a stop at Moto-i in between picking up my three kegs of homebrew after work and delivering them to my best friend’s 30th birthday party at 8.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi MN Beer community!

    If you have an idea for an event at Moto-i featuring one of our local brews on tap (Summit, Surly, Schells, Liftbridge, Grainbelt, Crispin, etc), let us know! We’re digging the movie nights, but we’re open to suggestion…


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