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ABR Gets Even Better

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild is bringing beer festivals to a higher level at the Autumn Beer Review this year with new opportunities to learn a bit more about the beverage in your 5oz glass.

Ride the fabled Pedal Pub to and from the brewery and parking lot, join a brewer and a foodie on the Pedal Pub as they present/demonstrate great food & beer pairing, and join Doug Hoverson, Minnesota brewery historian and author of Land of Amber Waters, for a tour of the grounds of the Grain Belt brewery.  Sign-up for these by visiting the Guild Information Booth at the festival. Space is limited for all seminars and tours, which will last approx. 30 minutes each.

More information, including cost and times, is available here.

And you thought you’d *just* be drinking awesome beer with good friends at a great location this year….


  1. Trav says:

    The brewery tour all takes place outside I assume? Isnt the majority of the interior converted to lofts/shops?

  2. Ben says:

    It says tour the grounds of the brewery. Seems it’s outside.

  3. Peter says:

    sign up for tour?

    sign up for pedal pub?

  4. Duke says:

    Yeah, sign up. Space is limited so I guess you are going to need to get your name on a list and pick the specific time. There is a link to the Mn Guilds site that explains it all.

  5. Chad says:

    This year I will remember to bring something to munch on, just in case the Luce line is as long this year. Oy.

  6. DanK says:

    Good call CHAD! I forgot how long I had to wait for a dang slice so that I didn’t feel too stoopid.

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