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Acadia Cafe Grand Re-Opening

Acadia Cafe Grand Re-Opening, originally uploaded by MNBeer.

Above: Eric and his Darkness martini

I stopped out at Acadia Cafe’s grand re-opening on Friday. Don walked in the door two seconds after I arrived and we attempted to navigate up to the bar in order to order a beer. Yikes. Good times. BUSY times. It was elbow to elbow and utter chaos due to all of the thirsty beer geeks. The staff at Acadia was flying… many kudos to them for putting up with the whole ordeal as well as the handful idiots who were being rude.

By the time we got to the bar, the Darkness fans had swallowed up much of Acadia’s glassware. Eric and Don sipped the beer from martini glasses. I did a keg-stand… or not…

Best question of the night (directed at “the yelling woman” toward Jeff and myself) “Are you guys the brewers?”


  1. I wanted to go but chickened out at the thought of the crowds. Even on a non-event night, that place can get a bit packed. I’m glad to see Acadia doing well.

    Did you get free beer by masquerading at the brewers? 😉

  2. ryan says:

    No, but we got screamed at…

  3. Eric says:

    JESUS CHRIST! Can’t you make that picture smaller, or, something?!

    There’s just something wrong about drinking beer from a martini glass…

  4. TruthBrew says:

    I posted this on the original event listing, but here are a couple more pics from the night.

    Good time, good beer. I really enjoyed the dry-hopped Rush River IPA.

  5. Jeff says:

    Wish I had been around for the event, but I was out of town. I did ok though, as I was sitting at Stone Bistro Friday night.

  6. Don says:

    The man has two colored eyes?! Run ye devils, run!

    Now who is not photogenic?

    The worst thing about the Darkness in the martini glasses was carrying them (yes, two) through the packed house, trying not to spill.

    Fortunately my friend had an empty snifter that I could pour mine into after it was partially consumed.

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