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Acadia Cafe Grand Re-Opening

Acadia Cafe is celebrating their grand re-opening with a keg of Darkness 2006. It’ll tapped at 8:00 pm. According to Surly’s website, “there will be special appearances by other brewers during the day.” Come down for autographs… bring your own markers.

There will also be appearances by other beer dorks throughout the evening. Bring your earplugs. 🙂


  1. mag says:

    Kris and I have been at the new location a couple of times with friends since they re-opened. The food menu started off modest but continues to grow. It’s lost the coffee shop feel and has taken on more of a bar feel.

  2. The place is deceptively small. From the outside it looks big but it is much smaller on the inside. However, since it has lost that coffee shop feel where some asshat can camp a booth for three hours while sipping on a small decaf, it is much easier to find a table than the previous location.

    Service has been pretty good. I consider it better than at the previous location.

    I have only tried two appetizers at the new location so I can not comment on the food. However, if it is like the previous location, the food will be quite good.

  3. TruthBrew says:

    Friday 3/28 – An evening of Great Local Beer with National and International guest brews

    Talk to brewery folks from local breweries like Tyranena, Rush River (Brewers Dan and Nick), 8pm Surly (brewer Todd), and international importer Lanny Hoff of Artisanal Imports.

    Meet/Greet and $2 beers for each brewery as follows:

    * 6pm Jesse Nimm from Tyranena
    * 7pm Lanny Hoff from Artisanal Imports
    * 7:30pm Dan & Nick from Rush River, bringing a firkin of yet to be released IPA
    * 8pm Todd from Surly will be tapping Acadia’s cherished, lovingly stored, somewhat reluctantly released ’06 Darkness
    * More TBA

    Saturday 3/29

    $2 Rogue – Dead Guy, Maibock, Shakespeare Nitro, Kells Irish Lager – all day long (we’ve got about 8 kegs on hand)

    Music lineup:

    12AM = A Night In the Box
    11PM = Mike Krenner & Icedink
    10PM = Junkyard Empire – band
    9PM = Gabriel James Band
    8PM = Dan Dragich and the Polemics
    7PM = Colleen Buckman & Jill James
    6PM = Wallace Wylie – solo
    5PM = Sam Grimes
    4PM = Steve Kaul (from Brass Kings) and Dave Babb (from Front Porch Liquor Pigs)
    3PM = John Wills – solo (3pm)
    2PM = Daddy Squeeze (from Café Accordion Orchestra)

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