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Not much of an update

All American Grill and BrewhouseEvery couple of weeks Kris and I lob a call into All American Grill and Brewhouse to find out if/when they’ll be serving their own beer. Three weeks ago we were told they’d have something in three weeks. Alas, that is not to be. Due to a problem getting hops, they’ve been delayed yet again. The good news is that the hops have arrived (well, some have). It’s time to fire up the brew kettle, folks! As a consolation for the lack of beer, among the other entertaining events held during the week, AAGB is hosting Guitar Hero Night on Thursdays. Enjoy it while it lasts, friends, because after I make an appearance for Guitar Hero Night, they’ll have to rebuild the bar from the ground up ’cause I’ll burn that place down with my smokin’ riffs.


  1. ryan says:

    Looks like they just got their brewpub license in MN in early Feb.

    Damn that 4th and 5th fret!

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