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AHA Discount

Are you a homebrewer? Are you an AHA member? If not, you should consider joining. I let my membership lapse, but a pub discount reminder sparked the flame again, so I’m rejoining. Vine Park has been added to their pub discount program with $1.00 discounts on growlers for AHA members. Locally, Fulton, Fitger’s Brewhouse, Granite City, Old Chicago, Rock Bottom, Stout’s and Summit all offer discounts in one way shape or form. On top of that, pubs and other venues across the country have some nice discounts for AHA members.

I also miss getting miss getting Zymurgy magazine. I’ve had a bit of a brewing lapse over the course of the past couple of years, but I’m getting amped to brew something nice very soon. Though they don’t always influence my brews, I’ve always liked reading Zymurgy and BYO to for ideas, tips, etc..

There are a bunch of other discounts as well. Follow this link for info if you’re so inclined.

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