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Al Is Up To His Usual Tricks…For Our Sake

Al’s got something cooking at Blue Nile.  This is from

Hop Heads Only: May 30 at the Blue Nile

Hey, gang! Heads up about my next beer event at the Nile, “Hop Heads Only”, focusing on hop-heavy brews, IPAs, Double IPAs, Belgian IPAs, barleywines, too.
Similar to Imperial March, the last one, we’ll open early, do sample sets, but this time we will have casks.
Summit Horizon Red dry-hopped with Amarillo
Surly Furious & Bitter Brewer
Rush River Bubblejack

and on tap:
Avery Maharaja
Moylan’s Hopsickle
Lefthand 400lb Monkey & Twin Sisters
Rush River Double Bubble
Founders Centennial IPA
Surly 16 Grit & Furious
Southern Tier Iniquity
Flying Dog Double Dog
Brau Brothers Sheephead
Victory Wild Devil
New Holland Imperial Hatter
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
and more (some are not 100% definite)

Full details coming soon!

Hope to see ya there,

UPDATE – Please see the below post from Al with some additional information about Saturday’s event.


  1. Ben says:

    Sounds like an awesome event. Too bad my uncle’s 50th b-day is that day. :kicksrock:

  2. al says:

    Why not take Dad along?

  3. Ben says:

    It’s my uncle and his wife is throwing a huge party for him. If it wasn’t something thing she had emailed me about to make sure I was showing up and went and got craft beer just for me I’d try to skip out. 50’s themed. I’ll be sporting greases back hair and the date will be rockin’ a poodle skirt.

  4. al says:

    Take the whole family!

  5. al says:

    btw, don’t kick the rock, what did it ever do to you?

    kidding…just be sure to show us photos of you in your ducksback, or whatever

  6. Kris says:

    Check out the sweet poster Al put together…

  7. al says:

    Latest news about this event:

    New Holland Imperial Hatter is not yet available.
    It’s replacement will be an all-Cascade “India Brown Ale” from Boulder called Flashback, their 30th Anniversary beer. Reps from Boulder will just so happen to be in town this weekend, so they’ll be around for the event.

    Also, no Cask of Tea-bagged Furious. I guess the tag reserving the firkin for us fell off, and it got sold to someone else. I will try to get a firkin of Furious sometime in the near future, just for fun.

    We will have Bitter Brewer, Summit Horizon Red, and Rush River Bubblejack. On cask. Outside.

    These will be on our patio. Good way to get folks to enjoy it, (the patio) especially since I hear so many say they didn’t know it existed. (Been there 5 years now.)
    Tickets only for cask on the patio, buy them at the bar, ahead of time, if you like.

    There will be an additional stage for beer pouring (not on stage, though).
    Some were disappointed at our last event, Imperial March, by kegs that weren’t tapped when they wanted to try them. This time, we will have “jockey boxes” for six extra kegs in the corner of the room, an area sometimes called “Beer Island.” (You’d only have known that if you were around for some of our big music events, and the beers weren’t the kind you’d get excited about.)
    There will only be one beer, Flat Earth’s NW Passage that will not be ready at 2pm, it will go on when the keg of Bigfoot runs out.
    These can be had with tickets bought at the bar, or cash. If you’re running a tab or paying with a card at the bar, we’ll give you a glass and a ticket, just go over there and get it.

    Thanks, and hope to see you there!

    PS If you come after 9pm, tell the door you’re here for the beer, or better yet show the flier (print it off) to get in free.

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