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Only MN Beers on Tap… (No crap)

Help me with a quick list… What bars/restaurants in the state serve only Minnesota-made beer? (Yes, we’ll include Crispin cider and, yes we’ll include Rush River. No arguments.)

Common Roots Cafe


Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

Sea Salt (thanks Moe!)

Anyone else?


  1. moe says:

    Sea Salt (3 surly, 3 summit)

  2. David Berg says:

    Best post ever….

  3. dbrewing says:

    At Hell’s Kitchen in Duluth I have two Schell’s, two Summit, one Surly, one Lake Superior, one South Shore, and two Bell’s … I know, close but no cigar…but i should
    get extra points for replacing mich. golden with Schell’s Light.

  4. Joe Heron says:


    Can’t think of any others.

  5. ryan says:

    Lion’s Tap doesn’t sell any beer of the Bud, Coors or Miller variety?

  6. ryan says:

    Joe – last time I walked into Gluek’s, they had Michelob light on tap, among others. Did that change?

  7. Kent says:

    Lion’s Tap is all Cold Spring beers now. No more Lite or Bud or Mic!

  8. FlatEarth says:

    Great post, sadly the list is so short, there should be more bars carrying only MN beers.

  9. Dustin Brau says:

    Dave, am I supposed to read your post in Comic Book Guy voice?

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