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Healthy Beer? Who Needs It?

A beer-swilling, donut-eating co-worker of mine passed along to me some links to Men’s Health magazine wherein they discuss America’s top 25 craft beers and top 5 craft beer cities.  There’s also a another little section they do about the best and worst beers to drink (from a health perspective I guess).  Minnesota and the upper Midwest are noticeably absent from these articles.  And while I’m a bit annoyed, I guess I’m also thankful.  Men’s Health is not my go-to source for good beer advice.  Besides, I’d be a bit embarrassed for us to see Bender or Farm Girl make the list as great, low calorie, low carb beers to drink to keep one’s muffin-tops small.  Keep in mind that I’m chubbily biased.  For those of you who ARE concerned about dying at 55, you might find these articles interesting.


  1. chad says:

    The list of worst beers is ridiculous. I could find a beer that’s twice as bad for me in every category! And I’ll probably drink it this weekend, too.

  2. al says:

    Looking through, I’d wager Samuel Adams is an advertiser…and Sierra Nevada is not.

  3. Chip W. says:

    The best/worst list is full of Sam Adams as the “Drink This Instead!” option. Hmmmmm.

    And while Chicago may be a big city as far as bars, I think “Austin, TX” or heck, Twin Cities, could’ve made the list more for actually having good beer culture and breweries.

  4. ArrogantB says:

    Any thoughts on the Oregon Beer Festivals? Looking for a new festival for next year that’s not GABF, WBF, Great Taste, or Oktoberfest.

  5. chad says:


    if I had unlimited money, i’d choose the Vail Big Beer Festival from Jan 7th-9th.

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