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Ball Backs Down?!

So undoubtedly you’re on Twitter right? No doubt you’ve been foaming at the mouth for legislation information and found that Aaron shared the link to SF416…. The City Pages crew took it a bit further and grabbed a new quote from Frank Ball from the MLBA:

On Friday afternoon, Ball had not yet read the bill but backed way off of his earlier condemnation of the project. He says the earlier announcement lead him to believe that Surly wanted to sell its famous four-pack out of the brewery, undercutting distributors and store owners. The actual language of the bill only allows the new brewery to sell pints on location.

“We do think it’s a great idea,” he says now.

I guess this kills my plans for a short lecture on why this is all good for distributors, beer stores and bars. One would guess that you already know that additional brewing capacity would allow more bars and liquor stores to carry Surly. Win-win? Hopefully!


  1. Chip W. says:

    What a fluid situation.

    Yep. I went there.

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