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Northern Brewer Pro Series

Homebrewers can attest… sometimes clone beer recipes suck. In my early days of brewing, I remember trying a clone or two from a distant homebrew shop (not a MN shop… my bad for buying elsewhere) that ended up tasting nothing like the real thing. Nothing. There are a few books out there that are hit or miss as well. That being said, our friends over at Northern Brewer have a Pro Series where all the recipes come from the professionals – the folks who actually make the beer that you’re trying to clone. Check ’em out… Included in the list are several beers from Surly (ever heard of ’em?) and Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery. Given the fact that the recipes are coming straight from the source, you no longer have wonder whether or not your “clone” recipe is actually a clone or someone’s best guess… point blank… if the beer sucks, it’s probably your fault.

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