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Bargain Hunting…

I’ll be in the Park Rapids/Walker area next week, leaving the care of up to Eric, Jeff, Mag & Kris. Please treat them well. 🙂

More importantly, I need a good deal on 12-packs of Summit & Schell’s. Suggestions? I’m craving local hefeweizen and don’t feel like paying the “up north”/municipal liquor store premiums.


  1. Matt says:

    24 packs of Summit at Costco for $19.99 last time I checked. It’s open to non-members, CASH ONLY.

  2. ryan says:

    Wow. I’m a member anyway and Costco is really close to home!

  3. Jace says:

    Surdyk’s just got a pallet of Schell’s Hefe in last week- it’s only available in 6-packs though.

  4. Drew says: tends to have good deals for cash. Also some pretty damn cool meat deals.

  5. Trav says:

    Schells Hefe seems really hard to find. I snagged a sixer at Chicones, but they only got two cases in. On a side note, I will be in Grand Rapids for the next week, so Ill have a couple 30 pks of Old Style, and some Surly. Great mix.

  6. ryan says:

    Jace – I can buy 6-packs. No issue there. Side note – I met your brothers Saturday.

  7. Trav says:

    Does Sams/Costco only carry the EPA, or do they get some seasonals too?

  8. ryan says:

    Good question. I’ve been thinking about taking some EPA (or Schell’s Pale) with me as well…

  9. Nic in GR says:

    Jerry’s Warehouse Liquors in Grand Rapids has a good beer selection-you may want to check there if you run dry while up here.

  10. jh says:

    Cellar’s in roseville (the one on snelling not the lex/larp one) is/will be running 12pks @ 10.99 and the sure bet is Chicago Lake that runs them @ 10.99 all the time. The price is secured through December….FYI

  11. Moe says:

    I’ve actually found a decent selection at the store on Hwy 34 and 7, just south of Dorset (Dorset Corner Liquor). Yeah, you have to pay a little more, but if more people demand good beers up north, maybe more will improve their selections.

  12. shane says:

    blue maxx has shells hefe stacked up like cordwood! And dam is it good. Also the shells pualee aulee is outstanding.

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