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I like all of these beers…

A nice series of beers at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery… Do me a favor and don’t drink them all before I get back…

Hey All,
As we roll up on the day of our independence celebration (July 4), we feel we all need to stop and remember/think about the Red, White, and Blue.
The brewery made a special series:

“Life” 7.3% abv hoppy Double American RED ale
“Liberty” 5% abv  American WHITE ale
“Pursuit of Happiness” 4.9 %abv American BLUEberry wheat
This coming Monday 6/23 we will release “Life” and “Liberty” and look for “Pursuit of Happiness” in the near future.

If you don’t drink it all by then, look for the special growler package of all three of these beers the weekend of July 4th for just $24 (must purchase all three).

Happy Summer