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Barley John’s Brew Pub Newsletter:
Spring Beer Releases:
Maibock (7.2%abv): We brewed this years Maibock in the German Brewing tradition, incorporating a double-decoction mash and a true 4 month lagering period. Gold color, emphasis on the malt and a complimentary bitterness.

Triple Oat Stout (5.6%abv): This beer is named for the usage of three forms of Oats in the mash – Golden Naked Oats, Toasted Flaked Oats and whole malted Oats. This trio makes itself known under a backdrop of stout roastiness. Complimented with a traditional stout tang on the finish to add a refreshing springtime zest.

Dark Knight is coming…. The Barrels have been emptied, the kegs have been filled and the Dark Knight is poised to make a return. Look for it on tap this Friday, May 12th…