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Barley John’s Entertainment Pack

If you’re attending a Thanksgiving feast and still haven’t figured out what your contribution is going to be Barley John’s has your answer.

Last Minute Holiday Entertainment Pack
Announcing our Holiday Entertainment Pack (available – 11/25/09)
Just $20 + tax
( Available for $10 without a Growler fill)
We are offering an easy and tasty way to show up for Thanksgiving this year with a pre-packaged Holiday Entertainment Pack from Barley John’s Brew Pub. The pack includes:

1 Growler Fill of your choice + Growler Container (Barrel Aged Seasonals excluded)
16oz. Minnesota Artichoke Dip + Grated Parmesan Cheese garnish
2 x Ciabatta Baguettes
Keep the pack refrigerated until use, then simply bake off the Ciabatta and heat the Minnesota Artichoke dip when ready to serve. Enjoy!

To keep things simple we have included the cost of a new growler container into the price of the promotion, there will be no discounts for bringing in your own container. This pack cannot be combined with our current Growler Sale and is not subject to BBS growler discount or any other special pricing.