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The scoop on All American Grill & Brewhouse

Here’s some further information straight from the source on All American Grill & Brewhouse. All American Grill and Brewhouse was founded by Jon LaPlant. Jon’s father’s ran Pizza America, a take and bake pizza shop. About four years ago, the shop was condemned by MNDOT to make a road into Buffalo and the plan to start All American Grill & Brewpub came as a result.

They relocated to Waverly, MN and have built a new building. According to Jon, he has beeninvolved with everything in the building from the silt fencing to the network. Jon hired a cook who started the Crostini Grille in Monticello and has been working with Tod Fyten (Mantorville Brewing) as a consultant.

The brewery came from the now-defunct Harwell’s Steakhouse & Brewery in Shakopee. Jon Crist, who was the brewmaster at Harwell’s, is lined up to brew. It’s an extract system and of course Jon knows it well. The initial plans for beers include a light lager and a red ale.

We’ll share more information as it becomes available!


  1. I just dropped a nice tab at your Waverly location. It seems that your servers (for my B-day today that served 10 or more) were unable to handle a crowd of that size.) The little girl that tryed to service us was great. She tried, and I think as came along way from the milking barn.

    You have such a nice place and wonderful food, why not train you staff in the service area. I dropped about 200.00 plus in May and at least that today? Not a alot, but you can bet your ass the next bunch I have from out of state will go somewhere that I won’t be embarassed as I was today!

    I hope you make it, you sure won’t if your service etc. doesn’t turn around 360 degrees. As my sister from Boston said, out east we would never put up with the luke warm soup and poor service you people seem to enjoy ???

    4 staff to even get our bill??????,(they explained it was a computer prob. and I had family that were running short on plane connections in the cities) we spent our time in the parking lot waiting for them to figure our tab. (I had to beat on the door to the kitchen to try and pay my bill – now that is one high end place!)

    I’m not good at math, but have spent yrs. in business an managed to get by and make some money, you sir are going to go flat on your butt the way this place seems to run with no real manager! As some folks tell me. its only a beer and sandwich/pizza short order joint.

    I hope you will improve your service and kitchen help? You can forget any more of my money !!

    Thank you,

    Patrick m. Brennan (todays bill would have been under Barth) who is my daughter and worked as a server/ bar tender at some of the twin cities outstanding eateries

  2. Restaurant Guy says:

    No wonder this place sucks. Using Tod Fyten as a consultant, he’s guaranteed to fail. Fyten has more failed businesses on his resume than you can count. Chalk another loser up to Fyten!

  3. Tod Fyten says:

    To the restaurant guy. I always love guys who make comments on things they know nothing about. I was asked to help Jon and his Dad find brewing tanks to compliment the brew house they purchased from Harwell’s brewhouse in Shokopee. If you ask Jon and his Dad, Steve I am sure they would give me a glowing recommendation. I was able to secure one 3 bbl fermenter and two 3 bbl grundy tanks all for less then $5000.00. This was the extent of my paid consulting work for them. I then introduce them to the former Harwell brewer Jonathan Christ, who was a past President of the MN Homebrew club and current employee of Boston Scientific. Anybody who knows Jonathan, knows he is a class act and a very accomplished home brewer. Having interviewed over 500 breweries for Beer Notes and Brewers Digest, I can say he has made some of the best extract brewpub beers I have had. As for the American Grill and Brew Pub from my discussions with the owners, they ran into a number of unforeseen problems that created difficulties. In my last discussion with Steve he was working hard on trying to solve these problems and reopen. Every time he or his son called with a question, I took their call and was either able to answer their question or put them in contact with someone who could help. I did all of this at no charge to Steve or his son Jon.

    As for the rest of Mr. Restaurant Guys comments, my record speaks for it self. Today after 25 years of helping to build the craft brewery movement I own three breweries, that are paid for and in the midst of relaunching Brewers Digest with my old friend Micheal Urseth. What has Mr. Restaurant Guy done for the brewing industry? My guess nothing and is just another want to be brewer, who is full of hot air.


    Tod Fyten, II

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