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Beer of the Week at Buster’s

Have you tried the Surly Mild yet? I have to admit that I haven’t however I have a good excuse having been out of town for work for most of last week. That being said I have no excuse now and an extra incentive as this is the Beer of the Week over at Buster’s on 28th. If my memory serves me correctly that means $4 pints.


  1. zeller says:

    I had a Mild at the Gnome last week. I think it’s a great session beer. Tasty enough to keep me interested and “light” enough to have more than one. I wish I could get it in cans.

  2. al says:

    it’s on the happy hour deal at the Blue Nile, 2-4-1’s, every day, from 4-6, then again from 8-10…works out to $2.25 apiece.
    Furious & Bender, too.

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