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Beer Scavenger Hunt

Corey at Hohenstein’s continues to rock the beer scene…this time with a Mini Beer Scavenger Hunt! Can you handle it?!

General Rules

  • You will need to find the 6 locations via clues. 3 locations on Thursday Sept 30, 3 locations on Friday Oct 1st. (keeps everybody responsible)
  • When you get to the bar you have to PURCHASE the right beer from the clue you are given. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! These are your proof you bought the right beer.
  • If you are at the right location you will get your next clue for the next establishment and beer.  Remember keep your receipts!
  • The first person to show me (Corey Shovein) your six receipts at the Aster Café Breakfast on Saturday Oct 2 between 8 and 9:15 am will be the Grand Prize winner. Plus I will buy you your breakfast.
  • There will also be a second place finisher and a third place finisher.

First Prize is one case of beer from each of the breweries (5 cases total), some beer swag and breakfast on me at the Aster on Saturday.

Second Prize is a bag of swag and beer tasting hosted by Corey Shovein from Hohenstein’s for you and a group of 4 your friends at a location determined by me (Corey).

Third Prize is a bag of swag and the address to the person’s house who won the 5 cs of beer. (kidding of course)


Your first location is listed in a pamphlet we posted on MN Beer. From here you will have to purchase the right beer and receive your next destination and beer clue.

Bonus Hunt at Autumn Brew Review-

Figure out which booth and beer this clue corresponds to and win a prize. 1 prize only so it is for the first person who guesses correctly wins.

Brewery Clue: Two of the owners from this brewery starred in a cable access show called Beer Talk. The mother of one of the owners  has done a lot of the artwork for this brewery. Their first beer was called Whistle Pig Red Ale.

Beer Clue: It’s not a new beer from this brewery just a new name. Slainte Mhath!

Enjoy Responsibly and have a great time,