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THB Pint Club Memberships Available

If you’ve been thinking about joining Town Hall’s Pint Club, the opportunity to do so is coming your way this Friday.

Pint Club memberships go on sale this Friday! They will activate on Saturday October 30th.

Benefits include: 75 cents off on all Town Tall Brewery pints (with very few exceptions), free Town Hall pints from 4-5pm every Saturday (with few exceptions), and 1 free growler.

Lifetime memberships only go for $175. Memberships good at the Brewery only.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Town Hall has also clarified that membership benefits will not be valid at their upcoming second location, however they will likely offer a seperate pint club program there.


  1. NateH says:

    I usually drink the special that’s on tap. Any discount on those for club members or is it just the seasonal line up?

  2. Mag says:

    The 75 cent discount is pretty much for everything. Sometimes the free beer on Saturday doesn’t apply to some of their beers. This membership pays for itself pretty quickly, in my experience.

  3. Trav says:

    Once you drink 240 pints or so, it pays for itself! Maybe a good deal if you’re there 3-4 times a week I guess.

  4. Ben says:

    The membership can pay for itself quickly like Mag said. Took me a couple months.

  5. Trav says:

    I spose if you can get there every Saturday from 4-5 for free beer, and shotgun a half dozen pints, it will indeed pay for itself quickly

  6. Kyle says:

    Are you trolling? $175/4.50 = 39 pints. Not to mention the growler and 75c discount you get all of the time.

    Also, who cares about making your money back? What’s wrong with supporting a _great_ local brewery?

  7. Mag says:

    Heck, even at low to moderate usage of the benefits, its a decent deal. Hell, if you paid for about 6 beers a month (actually, a wee bit more) over a span of three years, it’d pay for itself. That ignores free beers. Hell, you could simply have about 40 free pints and you’d be in the black.

  8. Trav says:

    I didnt figure in the freebies. Sorry for upsetting the herd!

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