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Borrowed feed problem solved…

Long story short, Dave tipped me off to a site that was automatically pulling posts from both and’s “Beer Therapy” blog. I heard back from the owner of the site and the content has been removed. Apparently this “feature” was pre-loaded into WordPress by a previous owner of the site.  I’m glad that the action to correct the mess was taken so quickly.

You see this sort of thing on the web from time to time and it’s frustrating when it happens to you. I don’t pretend to be a journalist or an author, but I still feel the need to protect the hard work that all of us at MNBeer do.

There are a couple of sites that have MNBeer as part of a big group of aggregated feeds. The difference, in those situations, is that they asked permission beforehand and proper credit as well as a link back to each and every post is given. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen in this case.

…but… it’s done. Water under the bridge, I hope. Let’s drink some beer… or wine, even. I’ve got a spare 1/4 bottle of Coppola Cabernet just waiting for Dawn and I to drink it. The other 3/4 of a bottle is in a mason jar with strips of a French oak barrel for an upcoming homebrew project. Yup. Cabernet Stout. It was tasty at Town Hall… hopefully I can come up with something tasty as well.


  1. Eric says:

    They haven’t posted this post yet. 🙂

    BTW you need the “www” in the address….

  2. Content theft sucks. I’ve been dealing with for several years now. It really makes my blood boil.

  3. mag says:

    You know, I ran across a couple of things related to me me the other day. Something called lifted a comment I made my blog…my blog which isn’t much of a blog…and kind of made it sound as though I’d commented directly to them. Then “they” referred to me as a she. Must be hard up for content. Really hard up.

    I also found some work I’d done for grad school referred to in a book published by one of my professors. I got credit for it and don’t really care, but I didn’t know anything about it.

    Scary. Of course, I stole a quote from Mr. McGerik and put it on my site, but that’s different. I’m sure I paid for it somehow by buying him a beer.

  4. I’m glad the issue has been resolved!

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