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Winner Winner Beer For Dinner

Thanks to City Pages for giving us our third Best of the Twin Cities award this week for “best local website.” It’s an honor. That being said, the credit came heavily in my (Ryan) direction. The truth is that the site is much, much more than my baby at this point and just wouldn’t be what it is today without our contributors.

So please raise a beer (who cares if you’re at work?) to Eric, Kat, Kris, Mag & Truthbrew… and all of the beer geeks that visit the site with a thirst for beer news in Minnesota!

And, uh, is it really time for a redesign?

Congrats also to our friends at Surly, Town Hall, Muddy Pig, The Hanger Room, Bryant Lake Bowl, Triple Rock Social Club, Grumpy’s, Haute Dish, Moto-i, Common Roots, Victory 44, Washington Square and Blue Max for being chosen as winners by City Pages. Also of note, our friends at Heavy Table, Bryant Lake Bowl, Blue Door Pub, Surly, Merlin’s Rest, Muddy Pig, Haute Dish and Pizza Luce who made the cut as some of the Reader Poll winners.


  1. Ben says:

    Congrats. I see no reason for a redesign. Everything is clean and nicely laid out. It’s nice that it’s not a Flash heavy site like so many are. Just clean and easy to read. I say keep it how it is.

  2. HT says:

    Congrats! Party on!

  3. Carey says:

    Congrats guys! On behalf of the breweries in this state, you do a great job representing us and keeping the craft beer enthusiasts engaged. Cheers!

  4. Lynnzee says:

    You deserve the accolades! This website is one of my daily go-to sites.
    I also appreciate that it’s not Flash-heavy.
    A new look would be welcome though…

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