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Between the Bluffs Festival

If your love of beer and beer festivals can propel you across the border, consider attending the 8th Annual Between the Bluffs beer, wine and cheese festival in La Crosse, WI this April.

Tickets: $25 – $50, on sale Monday, March 15
Call 800-658-9424 or visit the website


  1. Mag says:

    FYI – IMO the beer offerings are okay and the wine/cheese offerings are tasty but limited. The event gets pretty dang crowded and is a bit of a drunkfest. But La Crosse is a fun town and it is a fun event.

  2. Trav says:

    Pearl Street has some really good pub only offerings in downtown. Worth the trip for that.

  3. Duke says:

    Ive been to the Pearl Street brewery a couple of times and its a blast! Even if people dont go to the beer fest they should head to La Crosse just to hang out and drink at the Pearl Street brewery.

  4. Mag says:

    I agree re: Pearl Street.

  5. I think this event Rocks. The party at Pearl Street is over the top fun.

  6. Greg says:

    Yesterdays is always a good place to hit up, they had a couple 3 Floyds on tap last time I was in. And of course Bodega, great beer selection as well.

  7. Anarchy says:

    It is worth going to this beerfest if it’s only for four hours in the middle of the day? Do they really give out free Drinks?

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