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Blessing of the Maibock at Town Hall

Check out all the details on the Blessing of the Maibock at Town Hall this Saturday. And if you want even more Town Hall fun, there’s still room on the tour.

Hey All,

* This coming Saturday (May 1) marks the annual Bessing of the Maibock. Expect to see a special menu from the kitchen, bagpipers, people of the cloth bessing the maibock, oh yea….and comlimentary hand-crafted German style Maibock Lager from 5-6pm. (We intend on opening the taps to fill everyones glass, when they are full we will begin the Annual Blessing of the Maibock and toast. Please don’t try and drink 75 glasses of Maibock before the toast, there will be plenty enough to get your fill before 6pm after the Blessing…Thanks for that in advance!)

* I still have a few openings for the 1pm tour this coming Saturday. If you want to be part of it call down and reserve your spot today

* Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming events as we celebrate American Craft Beer Week May 17-23. Don’t worry I will keep you posted-

*NO PINT CLUB HOUR FROM 4-5 this coming Saturday due to Maibock



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  1. Ben says:

    Wait, you can get more then one pint free this year? Sadly there’s a good chance I’ll be at a bachelor party most of the day and miss this event for the first time a good number of years.

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