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Borealis Fermentery Beer Labels

Anybody remember what happened in beer politics in 2007? Berg? Hoops?

Back in 2007, our growler law was amended to allow small breweries and brewpubs to sell 750ml bottles in addition to growlers. That year I talked with Ken Thiemann who was in the planning stages of launching a small Belgian-style brewery near Duluth. His interest in selling beer in 750ml bottles at the brewery spiraled into legislation that eventually passed. So tonight, when I took a look at some new beer labels (thanks, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ken’s name and Borealis Fermentery artwork on the label. No doubt we’ll have more to share on this soon!

At the Borealis Fermentery, our beers are craft brewed in small individual batches on Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore using pure artesian water and the freshest ingredients available. our beers are unfiltered and bottle conditioned. Please pour carefully decanting the beer into your glass while keeping the yeast on the bottom of the bottle.

  • La Lune Belgian style special ale is a full bodied, golden ale brewed with spices and a hint of wheat malt.
  • Mon Cherries is a Belgian style dubbel ale brewed with cherries. A wonderful compliment to any red meat dish, this beer can also be enjoyed with or in place of your favorite chocolate dessert.
  • Speckled Ghost is an ode to the elusive trout. A Belgian Style Abbey Ale that melds hop balance, sweetness and a hint of maltiness.
  • Nitwit is a refreshing Belgian style wit or white beer brewed using wheat and spices.


  1. Alex says:

    I am very excited about trying this out.

  2. Duke says:

    Like the labels.

  3. Paul says:

    Beautiful Labels! When is this coming out?

  4. Nick says:

    Don’t forget the brewery is a unique, hand-built, timber-framed, strawbale insulated home/brewery/taproom constructed by the brewer himself. Go, Ken, go! The labels are looking good.

  5. Thank for the props Nick. We will be having an opening at Beaners Central on 4/20 in Duluth. We unfortunately are not open to the public at this time and are definitely not a taproom. Just keeping the facts straight. Look for us in early April. Thanks to all for the support in making this happen.

  6. #1 Fan says:

    Can’t wait to try out the new brews ! Thoughts, plans, and HARD work always pay off ….. my hats off to the newest “brew master” in the area …. Like Nick wrote …. Go, Ken, Go !!!!

  7. Dave the Wave says:

    Having watched Ken and Jen build their home and integrated brewery has been nothing short of miraculous!! Many people “contract” the building of their home and say “they built it”. Ken cut the timbers, stacked the bales, finished everything to a “T”, fell off the roof/stood back up and just kept trucking. I have no doubt he will apply the same tanacity to crafting his beer and the results will be an exceptional beer served as a unique experience from someone who walks his talk. Looking forward to taste testing on the Starkraft.

  8. RJ says:

    Happy to see a local source of all-Belgian style brews! I ask for this style all over town and it’s a bit elusive to find on tap. Only the Town Hall Brewery on the West Bank in Minneapolis seems to reliably have several available, and even that is often imported. Can’t wait to try it – will start with Mon Cherries –

  9. Jen Mesch says:

    Love you guys! I want one of each the second I get there.

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