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Brau Bros. Rainwater Stout

For those of you who are not on the Brau Bros. e-mail distribution list (the source for this post), please take note.  I don’t see this content on their website yet.

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update from the Brewery…

We’re getting ready to release Brau Bros. Rainwater Stout. Definitely one of our bigger beers. Clocks in at just under 10% ABV. Brewed late this summer, this ale spent months on Madeira Oak for added complexity. Something a bit new for us, it will be bottled in 750mL bottles. Look for a release early in December. If I remember to attach it, I’ll include a label in this email.

Hopyard is properly winterized, and we’ll turn our attention back to the brewery. Another great year for barley means we’ll have about five tons available for malting here in Lucan. Just like last year, it will make its way into specialty and estate beers throughout the year.

We didn’t want to stop drinking Sheephead, so we will continue to brew it. Ring Neck is also out so drink some up if you haven’t already. What do you think about the new labels for Ring Neck? Our fancy brand new 1970 automated labeler allows us to apply neck labels, just like a real brewery!

December 5th, a group-brew here at the brewery. We’ll be brewing Elisha’s Old Ale. For those not in the know, a terrific homebrewer submitted this beer for the South Dakota Homebrewers Challenge and it was a unanimous winner. We’ll brew and age a single batch which will go on tap at all the participating bars and restaurants in South Dakota. Just guessing it will be ready to be tapped later this winter. Everyone is welcome to help brew, however please email me an rsvp so I have a rough idea of turnout. We’ll supply lunch and maybe we’ll have a beer, who knows.

As always, feel free to email, call, or visit us here at the brewery!

I better go, my Ramen is ready,

Take care,



  1. “We didn’t want to stop drinking Sheephead, so we will continue to brew it.”

    Was Sheephead originally planned to be a seasonal or a one time brew? If so, I’m glad they are will brewing more because it is my favorite beer from Brau Bros.

  2. bockboy says:

    Yes, it was originally intended as a one time/special release. Sales were strong enough they decided to make it a year round beer. It’s one of my favorites from them as well.

  3. Mag says:

    Agreed. Plus everytime I hear the name or drink one, I itch to play sheephead again. I remember hiding out in hog barns in high school, drinking beer and playing sheephead.

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