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Surly Smoke Release

Apparently there’s a brewery called Surly and they make a beer called Smoke.  Heard of it?  Anywho, Smoke release at Brasa in St. Paul on 11/30 at 6 P.M.

And if you’re hungry, they’ll be running a special: BBQ style pork sandwich with crispy onions on top, served with housemade potato chips and coleslaw + a 12 oz Smoke all for just $10.


  1. Chip W. says:

    For fans of Smoke who haven’t been blessed yet with this year’s batch, it is very nice! I’m not the biggest smoked beer fan, so I might be happier than those of you with an extreme love for the bonfire & bacon type smoked beers. Don’t get me wrong, the Smoke they were serving at Darkness Day has the smoke element, but it is covered with a nice dark malty sweetness that made it insanely drinkable and very smooth. Two thumbs up on this one. Can’t wait to get some more!

  2. beerfan says:

    I looooooove a good smoked beer and liked last year’s version. What sort of wood was used?

    It would be nice if this was bottled in bombers like Alaskan Smoked Porter…but then I suppose it would be another event with long lines and high prices just to have the chance to get some…

  3. Chip W. says:

    Not sure on the wood. Oak? Birch? Surly does have the new small-scale bottling line off which came this year’s Darkness. Would be nice to see some of this beer at my local sto’!

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