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Brew Brothers Brewing Co. update: Ring Neck Braun Ale

It’s Open Season!!! Most of our Ring Neck Braun Ale has been shipped. It’s our first Single Batch Series beer and we are very excited to get it out of our cooler and into yours! As with all of our SBS beers, it is an extremely small run (864 cases, 32 kegs). I miss the flexibility and freedom of brewing in a brewpub so this has been a blast, I’m already looking forward to Frame Straightener in Jan. 2008. We did reserve a small portion of the Ring Neck here at brewery so we will be able to handle some reorders. Now it’ss time to catch up around the brewery and maybe even have a beer. Take Care, Dustin


  1. skypilot says:

    Ring neck is excellent.
    Can’t wait for Frame Straightener. If I recall, it’s going to be a Big Strong Scotch Ale in 750’s!

  2. Chaz says:

    Or a Belgian Pale Ale, whichever comes first!

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