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Minneapolis Town Hall update: Pint Club & Anniversary Week

Does anyone have $150 burning a hole and their pocket they’d like to spend on their good friends at (Yeah… riiiiight.)

Hey All,
Got some news for you. Just like everything else the cost of raw materials for making beer is sky-rocketing. I regret to say that in the near future we will have to increase our beer prices… slightly. We’ll hold off as long as we can, but it’s coming…

Here is a chance to protect yourself from the price increase. Pint club memberships are now on sale through the end of the month… we will only sell 50.
Benefits for your lifetime membership include:
*Free First Growler
*.$75 off every pint of Town Hall Beer you purchase…even during happy hour! (A couple exceptions)
*Invitation to pint club reception each and every Saturday from 4-5 pm. TH beers are complimentary.
*Further discounts on special Town Hall events
*Invitation to “Members Only” pint club dinners

All this for life… Just $150 (Simple math says that 4 pints per week will pay you back in just 1 year….and that is just on the .$75 discount).

Also check out the attatchment about anniversary week!