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Brewing TV #34: Decoction Day

Check out the latest from our good friends at Brewing TV!

Brewing TV – Episode 34: Decoction Day from Brewing TV on Vimeo.

Original Postdate: April 8, 2011

– Double Decoction Brew Session
– Tasting Notes
– Snowball Fight!

Back to the garage! Join Chip and Dawson for another brew day – this time the beer is a dark Munich lager (with a twist) brewed with a double decoction mash. The Canoe Cam is busted out for more tasting notes, the dogs play some soccer, and BTV Cub Reporter Bryon Adams shows up after the work is done for some barley wine. Alles fur Brau, und Brau fur Alles.

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  1. Darell says:

    Dang, have to say that Dawson has one of the driest personalities ever…

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