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Chop & Brew #6: Growing Hops at Home (Part 1)

Another spring, another hop crop gets underway in Minnesota. This episode of Chop & Brew looks at the basic steps to planting hop rhizomes in containers and in the ground. The C&B crew helps new hop-growers with tips and techniques for the start of the growing season. Chop & Brew will do several episodes over the coming months on maintenance, harvesting, drying and of course a fresh-hop brew day episode. For related links and resources see the official episode page at Chop & Brew’s website.

Also, check out this Chop & Brew Lagniappe video “Cooking Hop Shoots (Hop Asparagus)”

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  1. Steve Johnson says:

    Awesome video on hop planting. I’m on my 1st year planting of a few varieties . Hope to have some good sun, and warm weather to help on my this year rhizomes,haven’t seen much of it thou. Been a long winter. But thanks allot Mr C.hope to hear from you. Take care. And CHEERS!

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