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Cask Tapping at Barley John’s

Every week brings a different cask tapping at Barley John’s and this week for your drinking pleasure it’s Wet Hop Pale Ale that has been ‘dry hopped’ with a half a pound of their estate cascade hops, fresh off the vine. They’ll also have the pre-‘dry hopped’ version, one of their current seasonal beers.

Wet Hop Pale Ale [5.5%]
Wet hop ales are some of the freshest beers of the year. Most hops are generally dried, shredded and pelletized before they are used in beer. Once a year, during harvest, fresh hops are harvested, over-nighted to breweries all over the US, and thrown fresh (and wet) into the brew kettle or brite tank. A couple of weeks back we received 10lbs of fresh Amarillo and 10lbs of fresh Centennial hops. They were brewed into a gentle, slightly sweet pale ale designed to act as a bright canvass to highlight the hops’ character. The wet hops lend the beer a special resiny taste with a refreshing bitterness, floral notes, and plenty of spice with just a hint of bubblegum, and a long hoppy finish. It is truly fall!