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Indeed’s Sour Program on Display at Republic’s Sour Social this Saturday

Indeed Sour

Sour beers are huge right now and Indeed Brewing has one of the better programs around. The Wooden Soul Series is run by Adam Theis and is coming up on one year now. Adam was first introduced to sours at Town Hall Brewery where he brewed under Mike Hoops. “We got La Folie there [a sour beer from New Belgium] and I was like oh my god” says Theis. “It was really intriguing to me.”

He left Town Hall and went up to Third Street for a little while until he was contacted by Tom Whisenand and Josh Bischoff from Indeed. The Northeast brewery really wanted to start up a sour program and since they had worked with him previously at Town Hall, the move made sense. “I was a fan of sour beer, and I couldn’t pass that up” he says.

The Wooden Soul beers start out just like the others in that they are brewed and fermented at the regular brewery prior to making their way over to Adam’s house of funk which is just down Broadway. So far there have been five entries in the series, a set that rivals any being brewed here in the state.

Wooden Soul #1 Saison
Wooden Soul #2 Sour Blonde Ale
Wooden Soul #3 Sour Blonde Ale aged on cherries
Wooden Soul #4 Sour Blonde Ale aged on grapefruit
Wooden Soul #5 Saison fermented with apple juice

The most popular one around town seems to be #3 which was a Sour Blonde Ale aged on cherries. This is not Adam’s favorite though so far. “A lot of people liked #3, but it wasn’t my favorite. I really like citrus fruit so I’d probably go with the grapefruit [Wooden Soul #4] one as my favorite” he says.

There is one that hasn’t been released yet that he’s very excited about. It’s a Red and Brown Ale mix which is aged on cherries in a very unique barrel. One that Adam states is working really well right now. This brew will make an appearance at Sour Social which is a beer dinner being hosted by Republic on Saturday. The event itself will pair six dishes with sour beers from both breweries (New Belgium and Indeed) in a casual environment.

Overall the sour program has been a successful operation and should only grow from here. “We’ve experimented with everything and we are always trying out new techniques. These beers are just a slow evolution that plays out right in front of us” says Adam.

If you are looking for tickets to the event Saturday, you can purchase them here for $50 plus fees.


Acadia Beer & Beast & Darkness Cask Tonight

Today (Nov. 10th), Acadia Cafe makes their monthly Beer and Beast event a bit more Surly than usual with a cask of Surly Darkness, one of only four made this year. Show up in a timely manner as this won’t last. The cask gets tapped at 5, followed by Beer & Beast at 6pm. This round they’re serving up smoked goat and sides to be paired with Surly Nein, an Imperial Smoked German-style Dunkel Weizen brewed to celebrate the brewery’s 9th anniversary. Celebrate!




Wild Game and Brewer’s Feast at Grand Superior Lodge

lildgameDrop everything. The colorful palette of the north is calling your name… and your belly. Jump in the car (make a reservation first!) and head north to Grand Superior Lodge for some fine imbibing and delicious wild game. Oh, and the colors aren’t bad this time of year, either.

Whether you choose to stay the entire weekend and take part in the special Friday-night reception with chef-driven appetizers and wonderful Castle Danger beers or whether opt for the Saturday only wild game dinner and South SHore Brewery beers, you’re going to have a good time. Promise.  Weekend long packages start at at $127.25/person for the weekend, which strikes me as really reasonable given everything you get out of it.  More details below…

Reservations required: 800-627-9565

Wild Game and Brewer’s Feast at Grand Superior Lodge

gslBarring a visit to Boathouse Brewpub in Ely, beer pairing dinners north of Duluth  fairly slim pickings. So if you’re in the area on October 26th, you should do yourself a favor and check out the Wild Game and Brewer’s Feast at Grand Superior Lodge.

The event includes 13 game items including antelope meat loaf, elk pot roast, and caribou polish sausage. Bo Belanger, head brewer at South Shore Brewery, has been personally providing the beers for the last five years. Bo says his favorite part is actually getting to talk beer with guests.

“[It’s] the one-on-one ness,” Belanger says. “You can literally go and talk to each person individually and see if you’ve made an impression with your beer.”

Talk beer and enjoy some great food pairings in a great setting? Sounds pretty good! The dinner is available by itself for $50, or there’s a 2-night lodging option that includes a beer+bourbon welcome reception (ostrich quesadillas!), a welcome bucket of South Shore brews, and a pretty decent room. That’s $250 for two, and last year they came close to selling out the lodging package, so probably worth mentioning early so people can plan (the dinner alone has more availability).

Saturday Buffet-Style Dinner – October 26, 2013
6:00PM Appetizers | 7:00PM Dinner
$50/per person, including a selection of seasonal beers from South Shore Brewery

Reservations required: 800-627-9565

Chop & Brew #8: How to Cook with Beer

A couple of months ago, Better Beer Society University hosted the one-and-only Homebrew Chef Sean Z. Paxton and a presentation Paxton called “How to Cook with Beer.” If you aren’t aware, Paxton is a frequent contributor to Beer Advocate, Zymurgy and The Brewing Network. He is not only one of the world’s most well-known beer cuisine experts, but also an avid homebrewer. Chop & Brew is proud to bring you this presentation Paxton delivered at BBSU. Some Twin Cities Beer Geek All-Stars also make audience member cameos. Grab a notepad, a beer, and something to nosh on because some epic science is about to be dropped. This episode also unveils the new Chop & Brew logo hand-crafted by Saint Paul artist DWITT, who will likely be making an interesting chop- and/or brew-related appearance in the show in the near future.