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Central Cooridor Liquor Stores

Perhaps you’ve driven down University Ave in St Paul recently–or if you’re like me, avoided it at all costs. The light rail construction is certainly taking its toll on those in and around the neighborhood, and most of the businesses are scared for their survival, and liquor stores are no exception. Sharret’s on University and Raymond, Midway Liquors down the block near Prior Ave, Big Top at Snelling Ave, to name a few, could all use your business. I stopped by Midway and was surprised to see some treats still on the shelf–Surly Smoke, Schell’s Barrel-aged Schmatlz Alt–plus a solid selection of craft beer.

So for the next couple years, think about including some of them in your regular beer shopping excursions.  They could use your patronage.


  1. Champs says:

    I have a hard time blaming the light rail project. With or without it, construction on University Ave has been long overdue.

  2. Andy s says:

    Kinda missing the point Champs

  3. Drew J says:

    Also worth noting? A great beer store at the head of the construction; Lowertown Spirits is experiencing similar problems as workers demolish/pave the infrastructure to get the future trains to the maintenance shack. They’ve really been picking up their game on craft beer over the past couple of years.

  4. Jonny says:

    I stop into Sharrett’s regularly, and while their sales staff have been polite with respect to discussing the construction, they’ll admit that sales have been down. Likewise, access to Midway Liquor is difficult but they’ve done much to advocate for themselves on Facebook, particularly with respect to Surly releases.

    I’ll continue to point folks in the direction of all of these St. Paul retailers when I have the chance to do so, as each are worth a visit. I’m also of the belief that most will pull-through the construction – with the support of a few new customers : )

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