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City Pages “Best of 2007”. Vote for Best Beer Selection

In years past Old Chicago has reigned as having “Best Beer Selection in a Bar” by readers choice. Not sure who those readers are, but the OC must be dethroned! Go and vote for your favorite beer bar… hard not to believe that the The Happy Gnome, The Muddy Pig, among others have a better overall selection.

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  1. beachscrat says:


  2. Aaron Landry says:

    I voted for the Muddy Pig.

    My mean joke about the OC world beer tour is that the tour gets really boring if you spend half of it in Milwaukee.

  3. Trav says:

    I voted too…the muddy pig won two years ago, and i think Williams pub in MPLS won last year…they do have a TON of taps. I voted for the happy gnome though, great selection!

  4. al says:

    I think Town Hall won last year. Or maybe the Gnome, and TH was the year before.
    You could always check online, the thing is archived up to, I think 1999?

    the year Muddy Pig won, I got an honorable mention for the Blue Nile’s “banana beer and bartender wisdom.” Huh? Hokay.

  5. TruthBrew says:

    For “Readers Choice”, Old Chicago has won for the last couple years. For the editorial choices, you are correct.

  6. beachscrat says:

    Al, no offense man, but I most definitely do NOT want anything to do with your “banana” knowledge in my beer. I’ll leave that know-how to the folks at Weihenstephan.

  7. al says:

    hey, I didn’t tell anyone to write that!
    and I haven’t had any banana beer in some time.
    If that’s what it takes to get noticed, well…

  8. al says:

    I realize my error, truth….most of the people who fill those things out know not a beer bar from a bucket of spit.

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