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Closing, Who’s Closing?

Sorry, we’re closing…..

Got your attention didn’t I? Sorry, we will be closing the store the next TWO sundays. This coming sunday we are closing for our annual cleaning day. Top to bottom spring cleaning….can’t wait. The next sunday we will close is Easter Sunday, hope you all get a chance to spend some time with your family.

PATIO GOES OUT THIS SUNDAY AND MONDAY MEANS HEFEWEIZEN! We will release the first Hefe of the year Monday 3/29 at 5pm. Get your pint of Town Hall Hefeweizen for just $2.50 from 5-6pm! And remember you can get your own 22 oz. TH Wheat Beer Glass full of Hefe and keep the glass for just $10. We ordered sunny and 60 degrees for you…………perfect for wheat beer

Town Hall Brewery