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Cold Spring Discontinues Gluek, Cold Spring Craft

Earlier today, WJON reported that Cold Spring will discontinue the Gluek brand as well as it’s Cold Spring line of craft beers. Cold Spring’s Doug Degeest said that the move to discontinue Gluek came because the company couldn’t keep up with production. The Cold Spring craft beers, on the other hand, are being discontinued because they weren’t meeting sales goals.

Gluek dates back to 1857 when Gottlieb Gluek launched the launched the Mississippi Brewing Company in Minneapolis. The brand survived prohibition, an acquisition by G Heilman in the 60s and fell under the wing of Cold Spring in the 90s. Cold Spring retains the Gluek brand trademark, so you never know if Gluek willl reappear again someday.


  1. Jonny says:

    I will miss Honey Bock, but fully expect the brewery to bring the Gluek name back at some point in the future. Well, either that or sell it to Pabst >: )

  2. EbonyWheatSucks says:

    Now if only Cold Spring would just stop brewing.

  3. Mark says:

    The article says that Cold Spring is stopping production of its Cold Spring craft beers, so that’d include Ebony Wheat.

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