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Common Roots Cafe

Thursday night Mag and I checked out Common Roots Café on Lyndale with some friends. Although some recent reviews of the place in general sparked my interest it was really their beer that drew us in. Their selection is small, but mighty: Surly Bender, Surly CynicAle, Flat Earth Angry Planet Pale Ale (organic) and Lakefront (Milwaukee, WI) Organic ESB on tap. In addition, last night Omar from Surly brought over a pin of Bitter Brewer. Not surprisingly, we ran into more of our beer friends who had come out for the same reason, some of which are lucky enough to live within walking distance. The menu is limited and our evaluation of the food we ordered varied but if you’re looking for a nice, local place to drink some great, local beer this is a place you should check out. And as an added bonus, the original Bulldog is just across the street.



  1. Ben says:

    I was down there for the cask Bitter Brewer too. Dylan and I had the last 2 glasses of it. That cask went pretty fast considering they were pouring only sample glasses and not pints. It seems it’s lasted longer at times when they’ve been pouring full pints (Lucé, Happy Gnome, Leaning Tower, etc). Tasty stuff. The food was good too (had the chicken sammich thing).

  2. Eric says:

    How the hell did I miss even a drop of the cask BB?! Grrrr….next year I guess.

  3. Ben says:

    May not be a next year. As of now that was a one time offering.

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